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We don't play games. We make podcasts.

Kerry Ipema is an actor and writer based in Brooklyn. She wrote and performs in Six Chick Flicks which has played in New York, Orlando and Winnipeg, and Edinburgh. Her show, One Woman Sex and the City played off-Broadway in New York City, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, toured to over 50 North American cities, and had a 23 city UK tour. She also has a show Sex Ed which has toured Orlando and Winnipeg. She’s toured with PostSecret: the Show. In New York, Kerry is the creator of Lady Bits, a theatrical fundraiser for Planned Parenthood, and has performed with Woodshed Collective, Drama League, Purple Crayon Immersive, Waterwell, The Flea, UCB, and The PIT.  Kerry grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. 

Quinlan Pozner is a director, writer and actor and podcaster. She co-hosted A&E's "Crime of a Lifetime" podcast. She is Co-Founder and Creative Director of the theatre and events company Purple Crayon Immersive.  Quinlan creates interactive comedies with puzzle solving elements. Her immersive show, "It's a Mediocre Life" was nominated in 2019 Immersion Award. She grew up in Denver Colorado and worked a variety of incredible minimum wage jobs at the Cherry Creek Mall that formed her into the person she is today. Her greatest loves are true crime, when you go down a flight of stairs and there's a fart for each stair and ferries. She hates Juliet balconies and being served wine in a juice glass. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband, Matt and her sons, Koa and Griffin. 

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