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Latest Episode

Episode 130: Time Machine Hearse

Some big news, then… Quinlan tells the tale of the Baker Street Robbery or Walkie Talkie Heist. Kerry recalls the lives and times of Lawrence Joseph Bader.

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   The Show

Dear Readers,


Kerry and Quinlan are friends. Nothing more, nothing less. They enjoy telling each other stories that elicit the heeby jeebies and tend to give peepalies creepalies (excuse the scientific jargon). They are comedians, feminists, top chefs, supermodel, inventors. If you like stories that involve true crime, the paranormal, unsolved mysteries, conspiracies then what have you got to lose? Give them a download. It is their wish that you will laugh, learn and love while listening. But if not, that's fine. They aren't here to make friends.  

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Kerry Ipema

Host and Producer

Quinlan Pozner

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